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About Us


                                    Speed, efficiency and productivity are the keys to your profits, and these are the keys to a new piece of equipment 
                                    from Cedar Valley Express Blower, Inc. of Frankfort, IL.

                                    This exceptional blowing system allows us to spread large quanities of organic material in a small amount of time
                                    which will save you labor costs and streamline your business.  We can spread mulch, playground chips, compost
                                    or soil mixes for landscaping, lawn restoration, erosion control and much more.  Our Express Blower service will
                                    expand your business and your profits!

For topdressing turf or installing lawns, the Express Blower is the most efficient way to uniformly
spread a fine layer of compost, or to apply soil mixes injected with seed or other soil enhancements.
Our supplemental injection system allows us to inject any number of granular soil enhancers or
weed inhibitors while we are blowing.

                                    Our system is remote control operated, and we can change our application rate as we move from area to area.

                                    The volume of output can be quickly adjusted to a minimum flow for spreading around delicate plants or turned
                                    up higher in more wide open areas.

                                    Even the largest mulching projects can be brought down to size.  With a range of over 300 feet, inaccessible
                                    areas, such as steep embankments, can be covered quickly and easily with mulch, compost or soil mixes.

                                    Let us spread your landscape materials for you with our Express Blower service!  It's efficient and cost effective.  
                                    When you consider the cost for labor, equipment and wasted time in spreading manually, you will never push 
                                    another wheelbarrow again!

Covering parks and playgrounds with safety chips is fast and efficient.  There is no need to distrupt
activity or cause inconvenience.  Our blower hoses can access areas where use of heavy equipment
is prohibitive


                  EXPRESS BLOWER -                                        THEM -    
                       CUBIC YARDS PER HOUR                               CUBIC YARDS PER HOUR
                       We can spread up to 60 or more                          A typical 5-person crew can spread
                       cubic yards per hour.                                              8 cubic yards per hour.

With today's rising costs in manual labor and the risks associated with large pools of employees, you
need to take advantage of every opportunity to streamline your business and become more
cost effecient.  With our new service, you can now take an entirely new approach in the application
of mulch materials.

                                Our truck replaces dozens of workers and cuts your job time into a fraction of what it used to be.  With this new
                                system, the operator can apply material quickly and evenly, saving you as much as 20% to 30% in material costs

A typical load of material can be applied in a couple of hours where it takes a 5 person crew all day to
spread.  Spreading by hand is a waste of time and money.  Wouldn't you rather spend your time
generating higher profit work and leave the spreading to us?
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